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  1. CEO Roundtable - Milwaukee

    WSAE Educational Program

    Nov 25, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CT)
  2. 2014 Holiday Event

    WSAE Educational Program

    Dec 4, 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM (CT)
  3. WSAE Webinar Series: Fraud Deterrence, Prevention and Protection

    WSAE Educational Program

    Dec 8, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CT)
  4. 2015 WSAE Spring Outing


    May 17 - 18
    Lake Geneva, WI, United States

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  • Jeanne Rosen

    Top 3 concerns for 2015

    Posted in: Connected Communi...

    The VantagePoint Editorial Committee could use your help. We want to hear what's on your mind as you prepare for 2015. What are your concerns with regard to your association's growth or initiatives? What tools are you searching for? What challenges...

  • Patrick Snyder

    Boiler plate language for a state/national partnership...

    Posted in: Connected Communi...

    I am looking for some boilerplate language from national associations who share members with their state affiliates or vice versa. Any input you can provide would also be very helpful.

  • photo not available

    RE: Seeking Input - Board Structure - State Trade...

    Posted in: Connected Communi...

    Thanks for your kind words Marty. Our Foundation was originally incorporated at a 501(c)3 back around 1988. In the mid 1990's, several state bowling associations were audited by the IRS because our Grand Prix scholarship program, the sole activity...

  • Martin Tirado

    RE: Seeking Input - Board Structure - State Trade...

    Posted in: Connected Communi...

    Yvonne, a well-deserved congrats to you as this appears to have been well thought out and considerable work that often goes unrecognized. You look like your on your way to much improved association governance. For your 501c4, I'm curious as to...

  • photo not available

    RE: Seeking Input - Board Structure - State Trade...

    Posted in: Connected Communi...

    >>>1. We are taking action to dissolve our 501c4 foundation on 12/31/14. We are through all steps necessary to take this to a membership vote on 12/1/14. We anticipate no challenges.<<< I should have said that we will be merging the operations...

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Ginger Contreras, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Susan Cudworth, Milwaukee  Marriott West
Jackie Ellickson, Name Badge Productions, LLC
Shaun Gleason, Marcus Hotels and Resorts
Jessica Goedken, The Rees Group Inc
Pete Hanson, Wisconsin Restaurant Association
Kaitlyn Herbst, Snow and Ice Management Association, Inc.
Kate Jacobson, Hyatt on Main Green Bay
Mona Johnson, The Rees Group Inc
Leah Knope, The Rees Group Inc
Kathy Kuehn, The Rees Group Inc
Sherry Lee, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Laura Lutter Cole, Marcus Hotels and Resorts
Mary Malone, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Lisa Nelson, The Rees Group Inc
Daniel Olson, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Amanda Penisten, The Rees Group Inc
Laura Poll, Snow and Ice Management Association, Inc.
Susan Quam, Wisconsin Restaurant Association
Rachel Schraufnagel, Wisconsin Restaurant Association
Katrina Schwarz, National Fluid Power Association
Claire Silverman, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Jean Staral, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Gail Sumi, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Bruce Wheeler, The Rees Group Inc
Curt Witynski, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

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  • Julie Stelter

    Is your association ready for the shift in workplace learning?

    It isn’t that adults learn differently in the 21 st century than in the 20 th or even the 19th. Our brain functions...

    1 person recommends this.
  • Sherry Budziak

    Eight Keys to Success When Creating a Technology Strategy

    Associations typically have an organizational strategic plan. But there is often a lack of strategy when it comes to...

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  • Michelle Eggert

    Are you strategically planning for a conference sell-out?

    With the vast range of conferences, meetings and events to choose among, how can you grab your audience’s attention...

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  1. Denise Rockhill
    Denise Rockhill

    National Fluid Power Association
    Milwaukee, WI

    152 Points

  2. photo not available
    Yvonne Bennett

    Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin
    Pewaukee, WI

    107 Points

  3. photo not available
    Kristina Mattson-Grimm

    Credit Union Executives Society
    Madison, WI

    81 Points