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    Hello! Does anyone have a sample letter of agreement for sponsorship that they would be willing to share? Thanks! Sarah ------------------------------ Sarah Martis CAE Executive Director Milwaukee Bar Association Milwaukee WI (414) 276-5934 ------------------------------

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    WSAE is once again partnering with the Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE) to offer CAE preparation courses that incorporate study guides, reading comprehension questions, flashcards and practice tests. With three different courses,...

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    The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry uses Scholar One for peer review of journal articles. We are looking for advice on software for peer review of educational/clinical videos. Do you have any advice for us? Thank you. ------------------------------...

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    During ASAE training this week, it was mentioned that some associations are moving toward purpose statements instead of the traditional mission and vision statements. Anybody moving in that direction or have insights to share? ------------------------------...

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    Industry partners: Plan now and secure your WSAE sponsorship for 2017. Packages include event recognition and advertising — together! See the 2017 Sponsor and Advertising Prospectus here . You'll join these sponsors in 2017: Best Western...

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