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    I teach ballroom dance, so if anyone wants a lesson, or if you want to incorporate a lesson in to the event, I would be happy to help! ------------------------------ Jason Kauffeld Director of Group Relations Green Lake Conference Center Green Lake...

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    WSAEers, What is the most popular swag you've ever given to members that costs $1 per item or less? General recommendations, like "keychains," or more detailed product info w/ links to the item online are both welcome! Thanks, and have...

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    ------------------------------ Kristh Meredith Sales Manager The Fluno Center Madison WI (608) 441-7108 ------------------------------

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    As part of WSAE's mission to find, develop and retain future association leaders, we will once again have a booth at the WIPCC ( ) career fair next...

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    I'm very interested in this as well. Terminating legacy programs are not easy, change in general is not easy. I think in this case you cannot over communicate. Can you create a short video on the new strategic direction (from you and others that...

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    I’m trying to do some quick benchmarking before an upcoming Board meeting. I would appreciate any and all responses to the following questions. Please also specify your association type (professional society or trade association) and overall...

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