From 1960 to 1972, the American Society of Association Executives conducted a chartering program for qualified association executives in order to encourage high standards of service and professional responsibility. In 1972, the charter program was replaced by a certification program with the following objectives:

  • To raise the professional standards and improve the practice of association management by giving special recognition to those association executives who, by passing suitable examinations and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct, have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for association management.
  • To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of the principles and practices of association management, related disciplines, and laws governing and affecting associations.
  • To encourage association executives in a continuing program of professional development.

All former Chartered Association Executives became Certified Association Executives. However, in order to maintain that designation, they, along with those who have recently become certified, must fulfill the prescribed maintenance requirements.

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The following WSAE members are Certified Association Executives:


Kristin Agard, CAE
Ross Ament, MA, CAE
Carole Z. Badger, FASAE, JD, CAE
Ann Barrett, CAE
Gail Bast, MBA, CAE
Lani Becker, CAE
Jeffrey J. Beiriger, CAE
Yvonne C. Bennett, CAE, SPHR
Anna Bernfeld, CAE
Amy Bliss, CAE
Daniel C. Borschke, FASAE, MA, CAE
Rebecca Brandt, CAE
Kim Breitbach, CAE
Beth Brooks, CAE
Ben Butz, MPA, CAE
Nancy Z. Caldwell, CAE
Susan Chapman, CAE
Wendy Coe, CAE
Megan Coyne Cuccia, CAE, IOM
Adam DeMarie, CAE
Jerry Deschane, IOM, CAE
Maryann T. Dillon, CAE
Heather L. Dyer, CAE
Anniekay Erby, CAE
David Feldner, CAE
Robert J. Foulks, CPA, CAE, IOM
Susan Geiger, CAE
Susan Goodspeed Miller, CAE
Tressa Goulding, CAE, CMP
Jack T. Hayes, CAE
Sheila Heitzig, JD, MNM, CAE
Kristine S. Hillmer, MBA, CAE
Barb Kachelski, CAE
Laurie Kaiser, CAE
David J. Keller, CAE
Caley Kleczka, CAE
Anne Krolikowski, CAE
Eric Lanke, CAE
Daryll J. Lund, CAE
Gary W. Manke, CAE
Sarah J. Martis, CAE
Michelle Mason, FASAE, MS, MBA, CAE
Kristina Mattson-Grimm, CAE
Anne McGhiey, CAE
Sandra L. McNeely, CAE, CFP
Greg Melia, CAE
Scott Meske, CAE
Brian Mondragon Jones, CAE
Daniel Nemec, MBA, CAE
Karen Oshman, CAE
Lynda J. Patterson, FASAE, CAE
Christine S. Pepper, CAE
Rob Poehnelt, CAE
Trisha A. Pugal, CAE
Kathy Raab, CAE
Denise L. Rockhill, MBA, CAE
Anthony F. Rosecky, CAE
Jeanne E. Rude, CAE
Mike Ruzicka, CAE
Kim Schardin, MBA, CAE
David C. Seitz, CAE
Christine Shaefer, CAE
Luther Smith, CAE
William St John, CAE
Christie Tarantino, CAE
Michael Theo, CAE
Martin Tirado, CAE
Michelle R. Vetterkind, CAE
Barbara Wesener, APR, CAE
Kay A. Whalen, MBA, CAE
Gary D. Williams, CAE
Janet Wilson, CAE
Tara Withington, CAE