Looking for a way to give back to your profession while supporting WSAE and developing leadership skills? Consider participating in or heading a WSAE Committee. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest.


Oversees the annual awards nominations process for the Visionary Award, Association Leadership Award, Hall of Fame Award and Young Professional Award.
Commitment: 2 phone calls per year of approximately 1 hour

Community Outreach
Selects the community service organizations that will benefit from donations at 2-3 WSAE events per year. Serves as the liaison to the selected organization to ensure that WSAE has wish list items. Invites the organization representative to attend the event and say a few words about their organization.
Commitment: 3-4 phone calls per year of approximately 30 minutes, minimal email. Serve as the liaison for one event per year.

Editorial Council
The Editorial Council determines the editorial calendar for VantagePoint on a quarterly conference call and 1 in person meeting a year. Members solicit and occasionally write articles.
Commitment: Quarterly conference calls of 1 hour, 1 in person meeting of approximately 2 hours per year, time to solicit and write articles, occasional email

Determines educational programming for a minimum of 4 educational events per year, including the Innovation Summit.
Commitment: 2-3 conference calls per year, 1-2 in person meetings per year, minimal email 

Industry Partner
Task force consisting of industry partner members. The task force provides industry partner perspective on areas that impact them such as advertising, sponsorship, exhibits and membership.
Commitment: Varies depending on issues, 1 in person meeting per year, 1-2 conference calls, minimal email

Industry Partner – Summit Exhibits
Consists of industry partner members. Oversees the tabletop exhibits held in conjunction with the Innovation Summit. Responsible for picking a theme and assisting exhibitors with giveaway selection. Assist with booth sales, if necessary.
Commitment: 1-2 conference calls per year, email

Legislative (as needed)
Makes recommendations on legislative tracking and issues of interest to the WSAE community. Provides information for VantagePoint articles and the newsletter.
Commitment: 1-2 in person meetings per year, minimal email

Membership Development
Focuses on the recruitment of new members by identifying targets and creating contact lists, assisting in the development of initiatives that help grow membership, calling on potential members and acting as new member ambassadors and champions for membership.
Commitment: meets every 2 months in person, minimal email

Nominating Committee
Nominates a candidate for each position of elected officers for the ensuing year and for the new board of directors. Nominates a candidate to the board as requested by the board when a vacancy occurs.
Commitment: 2 conference calls per year, minimal email 

Young Professionals Task Force
The task force's purpose is to increase engagement among young professionals in WSAE through career development, educational and networking opportunities.