The Promise of WSAE

The Promise of WSAE

The mission of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) is to serve as a forum where the association community thrives and grows. 

WSAE is the organization of choice for association innovation and leadership. 

WSAE advances the following organizational values:

Inclusion. Diversity includes multiple stakeholders and perspectives in activities and decision processes

Optimal performance. Transparent, innovative and adaptive practices, using data-driven strategies to identify and provide member-centric initiatives

Alliance building. Collaboration and engagement with individuals and organizations that share common values

Passion. Excitement for the future and the potential for members and the profession

Commitment to Innovation
WSAE is committed to these principles of innovation:

Culture. Develop and sustain cultures of innovation in the association community

Process. Develop and maintain an effective process for innovation that understands the needs of the community to help it thrive and grow

Growth. Experiment with new ideas and create an environment where self-directed professional growth can be best achieved

Core Competencies
WSAE leverages these core competencies to advance our mission:

Leadership. Recognize the leadership potential of all generations and provide pathways to advance and assume leadership roles.

Knowledge and Research. Through a forum of professionals, provide learning and knowledge-building opportunities for members and the profession. Analyze, share and apply environmental information and successful practices in association management.

Community and Impact. Facilitate networking among diverse constituents to leverage business connections that enrich the profession. Drive positive change for constituents and broader communities.