3 Steps to Eliminate the Business Blues

By Michael DiFrisco posted 12-27-2017 12:35

Is the New Year an opportunity for a new association brand?

Is your association in a funk? Have you lost your marketing mojo? Are you sensing that something in your approach or your offerings are “not quite right”? Has your mission and your passion gone astray? Have you lost the driving force for the association that once provided so much motivation and inspiration?

Don’t fret! This new year many be THE opportunity to refresh your brand. Business Confidence

Any business can fall flat for any number of reasons, and most are not of your making: New competitive forces; a change in the marketplace (like new technologies or delivery systems); your own growth; fickle focus.

Regardless of how you got in the rut, members and prospects can tell when your association is in a funk.

Here are three ways to get your mojo back.

  1. Core values: Remind yourself why the association was started in the first place. What marketplace need did it fulfill? How can your association rekindle that initial spark? Reach down deep and rediscover who your association really is; what it really stands for
  2. Mission & Vision: Who are you serving? Why do they need what you have to offer? What’s the big picture here? What is the grand vision—the end game or promise—for those who use your products or services?
  3. Get clear on your brand: Do you know what your dominant selling idea is? Does your staff and your leadership? Do your customers? Are you creating a clear preference—a competitive advantage—so that your association is in consideration?

So get that passion back. Make sure your offerings are relevant and that your prospects and members have a reason for joining and renewing.

Come out fresh. Come out fighting again. Rebranding is a chance for a do-over. Rebranding can lift you up and give you the juice to start again with new vigor and excitement for the New Year.

Here’s to a great 2018!