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1.  Mobile Conference Apps

Posted 06-01-2017 10:27
Hello All,

ACEC Wisconsin is looking for recommendations on mobile conference app developers. We use the app for a few conferences throughout the year in place of a conference proceedings book.

Any suggestions are appreciated - I'd like a lot of options to pursue/review. Thank you in advance for the help!

Andrew Heidtke
Advocacy & Membership Coordinator
(608) 257-9223

2.  RE: Mobile Conference Apps

Posted 06-02-2017 07:33

We have recently started using "Attendify" or "Guidebook" at our events.

-Eric Ostermann

Badger Bay Management


3.  RE: Mobile Conference Apps

Posted 06-02-2017 09:06
Hello Andrew,

I would be happy to suggest some mobile app providers that you could explore:

  • Core-Apps
  • TripBuilderMedia
  • Doubledutch
  • Guidebook
  • CrowdCompass (a Cvent company)
  • Gather Digital
  • Zerista
  • Showgizmo
Additionally, if you are collecting the materials for your proceedings somewhere, like in an abstract or paper management system, sometimes they offer a mobile app at an additional charge. For example, the company eTouches offers an abstract and presentation management system, as well as a mobile app for an additional charge, and you don't need to worry about integration.

Emily Viles
Program Coordinator
AMPED Association Management
Madison WI

4.  RE: Mobile Conference Apps

Posted 06-02-2017 10:29

Hi Andrew -

Do you know Eva Montgomery from CadmiumCD?  She is a member of WSAE and her company provides event management software.  You should reach out to her to see what kind of solutions she could provide for your association.  Her email is

Good luck!


Sally O'Brien


100 E. Blackhawk Dr. | Fort Atkinson, WI
d: 920-563-1135 | c: 920-723-2137

5.  RE: Mobile Conference Apps

Posted 06-02-2017 12:44
HI - I believe we use OmniPress.

Amy Overby
Executive Director
The Rees Group Inc
Madison WI
(608) 443-2466 (149)