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Change CMS Software

  • 1.  Change CMS Software

    Posted 08-08-2017 16:25
    We have signed a contract and our transitioning our CMS/Registration Software from one company to another.

    Any words of wisdom to consider from those who have completed a software transition?

    Melissa Montgomery
    Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council
    (262) 670-6520

  • 2.  RE: Change CMS Software

    Posted 08-09-2017 09:49

    My words of wisdom after 7 years of implementing accounting software would be to plan, plan, validate! I realize you are doing CMS, but the same principles apply.   In addition, don't be tied to repeating the past.  Now is an ideal time to be re-thinking strategies and approaches. 


    Good luck! 


    Deborah Muresan


    Wisconsin Medical Society, Inc.

    (608) 442-3711 Direct


  • 3.  RE: Change CMS Software

    Posted 08-10-2017 10:17
    ​I agree - plan, plan, plan. Then test, test, test.

    Ensure that people look at records they know well to see that all information transferred.  Know all reports used on a regular or periodic (i.e. quarterly or annual) basis.  Run them in current system and then again in new system for comparison.

    Show print screens/demos of new system to staff before/during transition process. Again - just getting them used to the new look/feel of a system before they are there.

    Get as many people involved in testing as possible because this allows them to get hands on in the system before it goes live. This helps with user adaption.

    With your vendor, if something doesn't feel right or you are not understanding, speak up. Much better to catch items up front or during the process, rather than after go live. A lot of that is really knowing/understanding how your company uses the data and what they expect from the improvement. This helps you to set reasonable expectations about what will be ready when.

    And mostly communication and patience. Change is hard on everyone, the more people know along the way, the less scared they are of being able to function in something new. Kim

    Kim Klotz FLMI, ACS
    Member Relations Manager
    National Funeral Directors Association
    Brookfield WI

  • 4.  RE: Change CMS Software

    Posted 08-09-2017 11:24
    We are just coming to the end our transition to a new CMS/eCommerce platform. We actually are converting from one system that does both to having two systems one for CMS one for ecommerce.

    Best wisdom I can share right now is build in some time padding to whatever timeline you give yourselves. There will be issues that you didn't even think of when starting this that will come up. If your timeline is too rigid you may risk presenting a bad experience for your members at the end.

    Lynette VonAllmen
    Web/eCommerce Manager
    Credit Union Executives Society
    Madison WI
    (608) 271-2664

  • 5.  RE: Change CMS Software

    Posted 08-09-2017 11:33
    Just remember it will take twice and long and cost twice as much. Tell your powers-that-be that as well then when you come in "early" and "under budget" then you look like a rockstar.

    Good for you for making the decision. I see so many organizations get in decision making paralysis. It's a long road, but you will get there.

    If you ever need to chat about your implementation or what others experience in more detail, happy to help.

    Teri Carden
    (850) 491-1390