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Association Sales Training?

  • 1.  Association Sales Training?

    Posted 11-17-2017 14:52
    Does anyone have a good lead on a speaker, facilitator, or consultant that provides sales training specific to the association market? We need help selling memberships, not vacuum cleaners. Thanks.

    Eric Lanke CAE
    President and CEO
    National Fluid Power Association
    Milwaukee WI
    (414) 778-3351

  • 2.  RE: Association Sales Training?

    Posted 11-21-2017 15:54
    Hi Eric,

    I have had good results working with Jodie and her talented team at McKinley Advisors in the past on membership initiatives (more focused on membership marketing,campaigns and our member model).

    I have also partnered with Marketing General Inc. (MGI) on specific membership recruitment campaigns focused on North American new member recruitment, achieving almost 4% in our first year. Again, this was a more holistic approach to our membership marketing strategy focused mostly around segmentation.

    A third option I have a bit more limited experience with regarding sales in the trade show/annual meeting sponsorship space with good results has been Naylor Association Solutions. It looks like they also offer services around membership sales.

    One last option (and shameless plug/full disclosure, I recently began working here) would be Cultivate Advisors or Brew Your Skill, depending on if you are looking for a one time event or longer term skill training/coaching. While focusing primarily on small businesses, Cultivate has seen some great success with several association clients in growing both annual conference attendance and membership metrics. I could connect with you further if that was an option you would like to explore.

    I believe any of these options will be able to help with membership sales. I think it just depends if you are looking for more of a programmatic approach or staff/volunteer leader development approach.

    Hope this helps!


    Tracy Holmes, CAE
    Business Advisor | Cultivate Advisors

  • 3.  RE: Association Sales Training?

    Posted 11-27-2017 10:17
    We've used Jim Durland from ChamberMax/Membership Monday.  His training is specific to membership, both associations and chambers.

    He is based out of Washington State, but does a lot of conference calls and webinars. His number is 206.399.7026

    Kim Burns CAE
    Vice President of Membership
    Wisconsin Restaurant Association
    Madison WI
    (608) 270-9950