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Take your WSAE involvement to the next level

  • 1.  Take your WSAE involvement to the next level

    Posted 06-14-2017 11:15
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    Take your involvement to the next level

    WSAE board nomination period is open through Friday, July 14

    The 2017 WSAE Nominating Committee is asking that any member interested in serving on the 2018 WSAE Board of Directors complete the Board Candidate Form and send to Michelle Czosek no later than Friday, July 14. 

    The openings for the 2018 WSAE Board are:

    • Secretary/Treasurer. This position serves a one-year term that is typically nominated each year to ascend to the chair elect, chair and past chair positions. Any member in good standing shall be eligible for nomination and election to this office, provided he/she shall have served at least one year as a member of the board of directors at any time prior to an elective term of office.

    The secretary/treasurer shall oversee the Society's funds and records.  As treasurer, he/she shall oversee collection of member dues and/or assessments and the establishment of proper accounting procedures for the handling of the Society's funds.  He/she shall report on the financial condition of the Society at all meetings of the board of directors and at other times when called upon by the chair.  As secretary of the Society, he/she shall oversee the proper recording of proceedings of meetings of the Society and the board of directors.  He/she shall ensure that accurate records are kept of all members.  Such duties of the secretary-treasurer as may be specified by the board of directors may be delegated to the president.

    • At-large directors (1).At-large directors serve three-year terms. The director currently serving is eligible to serve another term. However, if the Secretary/Treasurer is an existing board member that person's unexpired term will need to be filled, guaranteeing that we will need a minimum of one new board member.

      All Board members shall serve to advance the mission of WSAE by attending educational programs, Board meetings, strategic planning sessions and other activities of the Society. Board members shall promote membership through referrals and staff involvement.

    Additional information is included on the nominations form. If you have any questions about serving, please feel free to contact any member of the current board of directors or Michelle Czosek.  

    Martin Tirado CAE
    Chief Executive Officer
    Snow and Ice Management Association, Inc.
    Mequon WI
    (414) 375-1940