Free Webinar Amanda Kaister: 373+ Member Interviews Uncover the Secrets of Member Engagement

  • 1.  Free Webinar Amanda Kaister: 373+ Member Interviews Uncover the Secrets of Member Engagement

    Posted 22 days ago

    Thursday, September 13th - 11:30 am - 12:00 pm CST
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    Amanda Kaiser
    373+ Member Interviews Uncover the Secrets of Member Engagement

    More and more associations are struggling with engagement. Our business model requires that members join, attend courses, volunteer, speak, present, mentor, and lead. But all that talent and effort is hard to come by when members do not engage.

    While fielding in-depth interviews with over 373 members, I have learned that member stage highly influences engagement. The member stages fall into three categories: new members, 3-7 year members, and long-time members.

    In this presentation, find out how members from small to large associations become engaged. Hear how members articulate the barriers to engagement. Explore the specific value members need by member stage and learn about the experiences they want. Key insights and stories from the research will bring you right into the middle of our member's experience.

    How you will benefit from attending:

    1. Hear stories from members from all three stages.
    2. Learn why engaging new members early is the key to engaging them for life!
    3. Dive into what member engagement means and how to apply it to your association.

    About Amanda Kaiser

    From our experience, many associations that try to improve member engagement often experience mediocre success. Usually, the strategies are right, but the plans produce marginal results because they lack one key ingredient: the voice of the members. The voice of your members is not something you can get at with a member needs survey, at a conference, or even in a board meeting. So that's where Kaiser Insights LLC comes in. We specialize in the member research methods that successfully capture the voice of the members for our client organizations.

    Kaiser Insights LLC is a qualitative member research firm owned by Amanda Kaiser. To date, Amanda has conducted over 373 in-depth member interviews for large and small, trade and professional associations. Through these conversations, she comes to understand members' goals, challenges, and worries then translates these insights into strategies that exponentially improve member engagement.

    Channeling member insights, Amanda writes a weekly blog for association professionals at or follow her on Twitter @SmoothThePath.

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