Member Retention – A Fresh Look

When:  Jul 21, 2021 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (CT)

Learning Objectives

  • Modern communication is based on how people played games as children – how to interpret their core communication styles and speaking their dialect.
  • Choosing the most appropriate communication medium for who will receive the information and how will be used.
  • New truths - six secrets and three cautions on interacting with post-covid employees and members
  • Most important? Knowing how to actively listen, and to confirm the impact of the feedback. For this, we will shift to a “train the trainer” mentality, building your mentoring skills.


This session is about adapting “crucial skills” for the future. Communication patterns have shifted during the pandemic, and proper skills and methods form the foundation for a sustainable association. How have they changed, and what is the “new normal” for Association Executives? Updated communication and feedback skills enable you to lead and guide others, using modern channels to reach your membership and staff. We will focus on how to understand who needs what information and communicating that in a concise, timely way.


Karl Ahlrichs, CSP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Meet Karl Ahlrichs: a professional generalist whose high energy and broad interests make him a resource to countless clients and a stranger to no one. Karl’s experience is ideally suited to times of organizational change as he pulls on risk management and organizational development theories to replace “best practices” with “next practices”. Early in his career, Karl discovered a love for the history of risk management and for explaining its complexities as simply as possible. He owes much of his communications mastery to working as a writer and editor at the Purdue University newspaper. Karl is a national speaker, presenting on people issues in Management and LEAN theory, and is often quoted in the local and national media. Karl’s affinity for design, composition, and learning started at a very young age, by taking and examining thousands of boring pictures with the goal of improving his craft. He loves all manner of hobbies including writing haiku, mastering cutting-edge technology, and travel. 

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