WSAE Awards


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Excellence in Professional Service Awards

Association Leadership Award

2022    Rose Oswald Poels
2021    Bill Elliott, CAE
2020    Kirsten Reader
2019    Marc Cohen
2018    Tara Withington, CAE
2017    Michelle Vetterkind, CAE
2016    Kristine Hillmer, MBA, CAE
2015    Tifani Jones
2014    Jerry Deschane, CAE
2014    Visit Milwaukee
2013    Eric Lanke, CAE
2012    Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE
2012    Sheila R. Hilke

Visionary Award

2022    Jamie Michael
2021    Mike Theo, CAE
2020    Kristine Hillmer, MBA, CAE
            Brandon Scholz
2019    Tony Veroeven  
2018    Sherry Budziak
            Brenda Taylor
2017    Kelly Veit, IOM
2016    Rebecca Brandt, CAE
2015    Mike DiFrisco
2014    Stephen Peeler
2013    Lani Becker, CAE
2012    Robert J. Foulks, CFO

Hall of Fame Award

2022    Kathy Raab, CAE, CNAP
2021    Eric Lanke, CAE
2020    Christine Pepper, CAE, MBA
2019    Jane Svinicki, CAE 
2017    Gail Bast, MBA, CAE 
2016    William St. John, CAE 
2015    Ross Ament, MA, CAE 
2014    David Baumann
2012    Jeanne E. Rude, CAE
2011    Amy Bliss, CAE
2010    Ross Kinzler
2009    Barb Kachelski, CAE
2008    Gary Manke, CAE
2007    Gary Williams, CAE
2006    Carole Badger, CAE
2005    Dennis McGuire

Young Professional Award

2022    Monica Goeke, CAE
2021    Ashtin Neuschaefer, CAE
2020    Elizabeth Schlicht, CAE
2019    Jennie L.S. Socha, CAE 
2018    Erica Halmstad
2017    Emily Viles
2016    Lisa Fitch, CAE
2015    Aaron Manogue
2014    Dana Murn-Kohal

Industry Advocate

2011    Dan Borshke, FASAE, MA, CAE
2010    Susan Goodspeed Miller, CAE
2008    Maryann Dillon, CAE
2007    Daryll Lund, CAE
2006    Kay Whalen, CAE

Member of the Year

2011    Ross Ament, MA, CAE
2010    Eric Lanke, CAE
2009    Christine Pepper, CAE
2008    Ann Barret, CAE
2007    David Feldner, CAE
2006    Gary Manke, CAE

Industry Partner of the Year

2011    Tera Sagen
2010    Sharon Nerison
2009    Dann Carr
2008    Marin Medema
2007    Cindy Foley, CMP
2006    Tracy Renner


Innovation Awards

To promote innovative thinking and recognize outstanding examples of innovation in organizations, WSAE introduced the Innovation Awards in 2012. The following associations were recognized at the 2012 National Summit on Innovation for Associations.

Innovative Approach to Technology Research and Development

2012    The National Association of College Stores

Innovation in Academia

2012    UW-MANIAC, the Madison Area Network for Innovation and Collaboration

Freedom to Fail

2012    The National Association of College Stores