Compensation Benchmarking

MKyZlNWg.jpegWSAE, in partnership with the Association Societies Alliance (ASA) and Dynamic Benchmarking, LLC, participates in the ASA Real-Time Compensation Benchmarking program, an online compensation survey and benchmarking platform for executives of professional, trade and service-centric associations and nonprofits.

The new data gathering and reporting platform, powered by Dynamic Benchmarking, is the next evolution of the biennial Association Executive Compensation & Benefits Survey, which ASA has conducted since 2013.

Initial reportable data is expected to be available for users to access and download as soon as Q2 in 2020.

To encourage participation in and demonstrate the value of the new program, throughout 2020 ASA will provide participating associations with free access to all data reports.

Participation in the survey itself will always be free, and beginning in 2021, 365/24/7 access to the real time data will be available with an annual subscription expected to be priced competitively with the rates most associations have been paying for the previous static biennial Compensation & Benefits Survey.

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