Compensation Benchmarking

MKyZlNWg.jpegStay competitive. Recruit and retain top talent.

Associations across the world will be adjusting their budgets and evaluating their resources in 2021 to combat the disruptions of 2020.

Understanding how your organization compares to similar organizations in the region and across the country is vital to ensuring you're staying competitive, attracting and retaining top talent, and putting your valuable resources to the best use.

As a WSAE member, you have access to the only 24/7/365 online compensation benchmarking tool designed exclusively for executives of professional and trade associations.

  • Compare your organization's key operational metrics
  • Evaluate valuable KPI's, including salaries, benefits and positions/departments
  • Customized reports to inform decisions and stay competitive

For this tool to be of maximum benefit, ensuring the most complete and useful data - we need you to participate. Providing data and accessing reports will be FREE throughout 2020 (for participants), so take advantage of this powerful benchmarking tool today!

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