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Association_Lab_Gen_Ad.jpgWSAE Member Benefit

WSAE members receive a special 25% discount on industry white papers, webinars, and events offered through Association Laboratory, a full-service research and strategy company that serves trade and professional associations. 


WSAE has an exciting partnership with Association Laboratory, a full-service research and strategy company that serves trade and professional associations, to offer an exclusive 25% discount to WSAE Members on industry white papers, webinars, and events.

Industry topics and resources offered through Association Laboratory include the following:

Please contact the WSAE Office at to request the promotional code to receive 25% off your purchase with Association Laboratory. NOTE: The discount code will only be given to current WSAE members.

Looking Forward 2021 Solutions
WSAE members are invited to participate in Part 2 of Looking Forward 2021; the longest-running, most comprehensive research of the association business environment. Part 1 focused on challenges and implications of those challenges in the association space. Part 2 focuses on the solutions – what are associations successfully doing to address their concerns and challenges?

As with Part 1 earlier this year, everyone completing the survey will receive access to a dashboard of the survey results provided by Nucleus (the official Data Analytics Solution to the Association Laboratory Research Alliance) giving you timely access to valuable data on the state of the association business sector and allowing you to compare your responses to those of your peers.

The research is being conducted by Association Laboratory, an independent strategic research firm specializing in association business strategy. WSAE is one of nearly 20 global, national, and state societies for association executives encouraging participation among its membership/stakeholders in this research via the Association Laboratory Research Alliance.

The longevity of the survey, ability to create actionable insights from the data, and diversity in responses supports WSAE’s efforts to provide you with the tools you need to foster strategic, future-focused discussions that impact your association’s strategy today.

The survey will take you up to 15 minutes to complete. Please note that you must complete the survey at one time or keep the survey window open when you switch to something else in the midst of responding. If you exit before finishing the survey, you will need to start over at the beginning. Partial responses cannot be saved.

All participants will be invited to attend a free event on Tuesday, August 10 on the results of the research. CAE credit will be provided.


Q: Who is Association Laboratory?

Association Laboratory is an award-winning company specializing in research, strategy, and strategic education for trade and professional association leaders. Since 1999, Association Laboratory has helped leading state, national and global associations design more successful business strategy.

Q: Why is WSAE in an education alliance with Association Laboratory?

The educational alliance is a mutually beneficial relationship between WSAE and Association Laboratory. WSAE members gain access to high quality research, at a discounted rate, to help grow and prepare their organization for the future.

The revenue generated from each product sold will be reinvested into the association community.

Q: In which topics areas does Association Laboratory have expertise?

Association Laboratory has extensive knowledge in the following topic areas:

  • Futures Research – Looking Forward™ environmental scan resources
  • Strategic Leadership, Governance, & Planning
  • Membership
  • Content
  • Meetings
  • Education
  • Components
  • Global

Browse these topics, and others, at

Q: What education products are included in the alliance/as part of the discount?

Association Laboratory educational products are defined as white papers, webinars, issue briefs, and in-person events. All educational products available in our Knowledge Center at are included in the alliance. 

Q: I’m a WSAE member, and I’m having trouble applying the discount or downloading and receiving the educational product. Who do I contact?

Please contact Association Laboratory at +1-312-224-2626 to assist with any questions related to your purchase. Nikki or Dean will be happy to assist.

Q: As a WSAE member, can I publicly share, distribute, or copy Association Laboratory’s educational resources?

Publicly sharing, distributing or otherwise promoting Association Laboratory’s educational products without the express written permission of Association Laboratory is prohibited.

Looking Forward™

Q: What is Association Laboratory’s educational product, Looking Forward™?

Looking Forward™ is the association sector’s leading environmental scan, produced by Association Laboratory. It is conducted every year, typically in the Fall.

This credible, long-standing, research helps association leaders discover important industry trends and plan for the future. The research details trends impacting members and associations, as well as solutions to the challenges that associations are experiencing.