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The Delicate Balance: Intersection of Strategy and Governance Webinar 

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01-25-2021 16:28

The Delicate Balance: Intersection of Strategy and Governance
Roles and Responsibilities of the Association Board
February 2nd, 12:00-1:15 pm CS

Attendees will earn 1.25 CAE credits
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A fundamental requirement for successful teeter-tottering (now think strategic management) is that riders (now think board and senior management) understand, embrace, and do what is required for the teeter-totter to go up and down in smooth rhythmic bliss.  If not, the "delicate balance" is disrupted.


This strategic management pitfall in associations can easily be avoided by defining the roles and responsibilities of the board and the senior management, and then training and supporting each leader to ensure appropriate behavior going forward.

The chart below illustrates the six essential phases of effective strategic management.  The vertical axis represents the appropriate degree of involvement by the board (blue) and senior management (gold).

Throughout the stages, the engagement of the board and senior management varies in intensity.

The team moves from understanding the current strategic environment to defining a strategic plan focused on the purpose of the organization and its vision of success. The smooth choreography of these interactions depends on everyone understanding the role they play, where their responsibilities begin and end, and respecting boundaries to achieve a powerful yet delicate balance.


To explore the delicate balance further, join Randall Rollinson from LBL Strategies for an informative webinar on February 2nd from 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM CST.

Register today.

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