Star Sponsorships

WSAE Star Sponsorship Program
Invest in the WSAE Sponsorship Program to receive special sponsor-only opportunities and incredible discounts on publicity event participation, while demonstrating your support to enable the dedicated leadership of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives in reaching its mission:The mission of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) is creating meaningful connections and enhancing competencies of association professionals.

Sponsorship Program Summary
WSAE showcases the generosity of the 1- to 4- Star Sponsors in a variety of ways. Benefits and value in each of the levels increases in value at the higher levels of the program. Each Star level has a dedicated page identifying what’s included at that level, and items which are available at higher levels are grayed-out for an easy way to compare the specific against the percentage and dollar value.

Click the items below to access the 2024 Star Sponsorship Materials

Right-click to download or open these individual files showing the detail of each level.

4-Star Sponsorship 3-Star Sponsorship 2-Star Sponsorship 1-Star Sponsorship
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Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact the WSAE Office at [email protected] or (414) 338-WSAE (9723).