About WSAE


The mission of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) is creating meaningful connections and enhancing competencies of association professionals.


WSAE advances the following organizational values:

  • Fostering a welcoming and inclusive community
  • Operating with integrity by being open, honest and transparent
  • Promoting association management rooted in passion, a positive attitude and fun
  • Shaping the future by identifying industry trends and developing dynamic responses

Core Competencies

WSAE leverages these core competencies to advance our mission:

  • ​​Providing Quality Resources 
    • Knowledge & Research 
    • Advocacy/Legal
    • Innovation & Technology 
    • Professional Development
    • Industry Leadership 
  • Promoting and Protecting the Profession
  • Advancing Alliances Partnerships

Strategic Outcomes

WSAE will capture the attention of current and prospective members highlighting the Society’s unique benefits and programs in a timely and relevant manner.

WSAE will provide opportunities for members to participate in effective and engaging programming developed to address a variety of needs of association professionals and providers at all stages of their careers.

Financial Sustainability
WSAE will sustain financial resources sufficient to secure a reserve of one year of operating expenses.


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