Talent Search

WSAE partnership - Find the talent you need, when you need it

We are excited to share that WSAE has partnered with .orgFreelancer, which matches nonprofit organizations with highly skilled freelance talent. Tackling priority projects, filling a critical job position during the search for FTEs, and finding specific talent for a critical project, has never been easier. .orgFreelancer is an online job-outsourcing service that matches association professionals with association project needs. It allows organizations to post a project, outline required skills, a timeline, location, and fees they are willing to pay to complete the work. Freelancers are able to generate an online profile that describes their skills, experience, rates and availability to conduct the work.  

As part of this partnership, when WSAE members use the code: WSAE25 they save 25% off the one-year subscription. Discount applies to association and freelancer subscriptions. Get started today.