Certified Association Executive (CAE) Prep Course

The Mark of an Association Professional Prepared for Today's Challenging Environment

Whether you're ready to take your career to the next level or just looking to check earning the CAE off of your list, you have what it takes to become a Certified Association Executive! The CAE credential is the marker of a committed association professional who has demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to manage an association in today’s challenging environment.

With the highest success rate in the nation, we have helped more association professionals become CAEs than any other entity. We offer a process-based approach that incorporates study guides, reading comprehension questions, flashcards, and practice tests. With three different courses, we have an option to fit every level of preparedness.

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Full Prep Course
[16 Weeks]

Fall 2024 Dates: Aug 5 - Nov 25

The CAE Full Prep Course is an in-depth professional development experience, carefully paced to provide a thorough exploration of all eight CAE content domains over 16 weeks. This course includes a detailed study plan, weekly quick key assessments, webinar debriefs and discussion posts, as well as two mini exams and a full, online simulated exam - all with debriefs.

16-Week Course

Cost: $1,500

20% discount for
WSAE members
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Concentrated Course
[8 weeks]

Fall 2024 Dates: Sept 16 - Nov 25

If you have participated in the ASAE Immersion Program or have started the CAE process, this accelerated version of the full course is for you. Condensed to an 8-week period, participants participate in weekly instructor-led webinars, and receive a study plan, test-taking tips, and a 200-question simulated exam with instructor-led debrief.

8-Week Course

Cost: $1,250

20% discount for
WSAE members
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CRAM Course
[1 week Intensive]

Fall 2024 Dates: Nov 8 - Nov 25

This is the ideal program for CAE candidates who have taken a preparation course or are taking the CAE exam for a second time. Participants review, discuss key decisions tested in the exam. We recommend that attendees read the Professional Practices of Association Management and MSAE's Terminology and Key Concepts Flash Cards prior to participating.

1-Week Course

Cost: $1,150

$400 discount for 
WSAE members
Don't forget the "i"! 

Why choose our CAE Preparation Courses?

  • Expert Instructor: Our courses are led by a veteran instructor and experienced association management professional, Sue Radwan, MEd, CAE, SMP, ARM. Sue was selected as editor of the current and previous editions of the Professional Practices in Association Management text. 

  • Three Courses from Which to Choose: With 16-, eight- and single-week courses, participants can select the one that meets their needs and timeline.

  • Comprehensive Curricula: The courses cover all aspects of the CAE exam content outline, ensuring you deeply understand all the domains tested on the exam.

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic discussions, case studies, and practical exercises that simulate real-world scenarios, enhancing your industry knowledge and test-taking skills.

  • Individualized Support: Benefit from debriefing and feedback sessions tailored to address your specific strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow association professionals from across the globe to exchange ideas and expand your understanding of the theories and terms covered in the courses.

  • Exam Readiness: Gain confidence with structured study schedules, supplementary videos, mock exams, practice questions, and exam-taking strategies, ensuring you are well-prepared and poised for success on exam day.


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